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We at Sisule & Associates LLP (SisuleLaw) are dedicated to walking with start-ups and disruptors to support them navigate both the regulatory environment and meet the legal requirements for their operations and scaling up endeavours. We make it our business to understand what founders, entrepreneurs and investors want to achieve and thereby being able to advice on the optimum regulatory pathways to market, legal structuring and on legal documentation for various scenarios. Ultimately, in line with our Mission, through our Startup Desk we aim to provide high quality, practical and cost-effective legal solutions specially tailored for startups and disruptors.

SisuleLaw for Startups Services

Incorporation / Registering your Business & Compliance

Get concise advice on legal structuring (including registering as a foreign company), registration requirements, processes and documentation and as well as compliance requirements.

Regulatory & Licensing

Get a comprehensive overview of the regulatory and licensing requirements relevant to your business and how to obtain relevant regulatory clearances and licenses (including local authorities licensing)

Branding and Intellectual Property (IP)

Get comprehensive and concise advice on branding and intellectual property (IP) protection for your brand, innovations, concepts and ideas. Get support in navigating IP registration processes as well as IP licensing and acquisition.

Contracts & Agreements

Get support in preparation and/or review (and where applicable templates) of all types of contracts and agreements required for setting up and operating your startup, including non-disclosure agreement (NDAs), term sheets, employment contracts, shareholders’ agreement (SHAs), investment agreements, supplier and service agreements etc,.

Funding & Due Diligence

Get advice on the legal issues to look out for in sourcing and negotiating for funding and support in preparing for and/or undertaking legal due diligence.

Tax & Social Security

Get up to date on your tax obligations and filing of returns as well as obligations and filings for social security related obligations such as National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Employment & Immigration

Quickly get up to speed with the employment and immigration laws, including the requirements and documentation for work permits. Get support in addressing all employment issues, including onboarding and exiting employees.

Privacy & Data Protection

Get concise and up to date advice on privacy and how to manage data in a transparent, responsible and accountable way to meet the compliance requirements of the data protection laws and regulations.

Track Relevant Legislative

Follow our legislative tracker to keep up to date with all relevant legislative and regulatory changes that affect your business and operations. Get support in adjusting your operations to meet the requirements of any new legislative and regulatory requirements.

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